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Springer [äldre inlägg] 2020-05-22 11.04 25
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De fem senaste inläggen här ovan är hitflyttade från Forskningsmetoder: Källkritik: Släktforskarförbundet och bluffmakare för att de handlar om själva Springer-forskningen (eller snarare "forskningen") och inte Släktforskarförbundets skyddande av den nutida bluffmakaren.
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Det blir så många förvecklingar och kopplingar hit och dit. Det finns en hel följetong på Aftonbladet som jag inte vet var den passar in. Så den sparar jag så länge. Det är trist att tidningsabonnemanget upphör vid månadsskiftet. Det är ju en oändlig brunn att ösa ur.
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1626 September 2. The Swedish Treasury authorized a payment to one "Gabrielska", and on the next day the payment was made to Christoff Springer for the account of "Anna Marie Geborne Kosselin". There is no power of attorney from her to Springer in the record and no explanation of the relationship between Gabrielska and Springer. Possibly her name was Anna Maria and she was born at Kosel or Gosel, a town on the River Oder near Breslau in East Germany. This is the earliest reference to Christopher in Sweden and, with the following references to his life in Stockholm, makes ft clear that Christopher was not (as alleged in M.C. Springer's book) the son of Christoph Christlief Christian Springer of Lamstedt, Hanover, who lived in Lamstedt and in Berlin and is said to have come to Sweden in 1648. Cf Also "The Springer's of Christiana and Related Families", William Hamilton Hannum, Ohio Genealogical Quarterly, January 1944.

1630 August 28. Christopher acknowledged payment of salary to him as a musician. This date confirms his widow's statement in 1669 that he had, at the time of his death in that year, served the government for forty years.

1632 November and 1633 April. He is again found on the salary list as a musician.

1633 June 25. He received a salary for service in the secretariat of the treasury office. Evidently he had changed jobs, giving up his career in music.

1633 December 1. He married Karin Larsdotter. Börje Pedersson, the mayor of Stockholm, was present at the wedding.

1638 May 19. Christopher translated into Swedish a document written in Dutch. Perhaps he came from the Springer family found in Holland, or otherwise knew Dutch, or possibly he just used his knowledge of German which is similar to Dutch.

1637 January 23. He was granted registration of a property opposite the Sancta Klara Church, called Gropgarden, purchased from the minister of the church Peder Erici Roslagio. Examination of the latter's biography did not show any relationship between the two.

1637 March 23. Christopher completed the purchase.

1641 November 15. Christopher was granted a property near this purchase, in compensation for property taken by the town for street purposes.

1641 November 15 and 1642 January 1. He was appointed to a clerkship in the treasury.

1645 July 11. Christopher's first wife, Karin Larsdotter had died and the inventory of her estate was filed. It showed that she left children, Börje, Lars, Annika, Helena, Maria and Brita. According to Christopher's inventory filed in 1657 all of these children had died by then except Lars (Lorentz). The latter became a commissary of the Svea circuit court of appeal and died in 1690, being buried June 24 at the Sancta Clara Church. (It is clear that he could not have emigrated to America, settling in Rhode Island, as sometimes said.) He married first Margareta Neuman who died 2 November 1682 at Nibble and was buried at Sancta Clara Church and second, Maria Mörling, born 2 August 1662 died 1714 buried at Sancta Clara Church.

1645. Christopher married for the second time. The name of his second wife is not known. They had a daughter, Kristina, who married commissary Johan Jacobson Eneman (son of Jacob Olofsson, organist) buried 23 January 1698 at Sancta Clara Church, inventory 5 July 1702. Kristina and Johan were living in Riga (now Latvia, but then under Swedish control) in 1668.

1645 August 6. Christopher was granted a "wedding relief" or financial aid on the occasion of his marriage.

1646 February 6. He was a district judge at Närdinghundra härad.

1647 May 7. He was granted a homestead at Vik or Wijk (Hammarby parish, Uppland) on the occasion of his marriage.

1651 July 15. He was referendary (an official charged with investigative or advisory duties) of the Land Revenue Office.

1653 January 30. He was granted a homestead on Nolby (Torso parish, Västergötland).

1653. He was granted a homestead on Nibble (Hammarby parish, Uppland).

1653 January 31. He purchased from the town of Stockholm a garden plot at the "Monk's camp", now the district of Kungsholmen.

1653. He was drinking at a party with officers of the Treasury.

1654 October 15. He married Beata Baltzardotter Salina. they had children:

Elisabet, born 1655, married Fredrik Mundt von Gutits;

Carl (Charles) born 1658, the subject of this article;

Kristoffer, born 1661, probably attended Uppsala University, and is said to have moved to Germany;

Baltzar, born 1664, employed in the service of the queen dowager Hedvig Eleonora and by her appointed mayor at Eskilstuna and Torskaller, married 23 June 1689 at Mariefred to Elsa Kyllman (Kilman) and died 1710;

Jakob, born 1668, said to have been a naval officer, and in 1695 carried on a lawsuit at Mariefred concerning property left by his mother.

1665 June 22. Christopher was inspector at the Cameral Board.

1668. He was listed among the employees of the Treasury.

1669. Christopher died, and a funeral pall was rented for his funeral at Sancta Clara Church. On April 23, his successor¨was appointed. His widow Beata asked for a year of grace, in continuing his salary, citing his five small children and his forty years of service; the government granted this request on July 13 and paid 800 silver daler on July 22. On December 2 Christopher's son Lorentz (by the first marriage ) presented his stepmother's letter dated November 30 as to Lorentz's purchase of the shares of herself and her five children in the garden at Monk's camp, and on December 4 the town approved the purchase.

1672. One of Christopher's small girls was buried at Sancta Clara Church.

1683. Lorentz Springer's first wife, Margareta Neuman died. Her will is missing from the record office.

1686. Beata petitioned, saying that she had bought cattle, and asking a homestead of Asby in the parish of Taringe in order to feed them. Her petition was granted.

1687. Beata asked that her right to the homestead, free of tax, be valid for life. Her request was granted.

1690. Lorentz Springer died. His will is missing from the record office. It has been said in this country (U.S.A.) that Charles Springer's brother Lorentz or Lawrence came to Rhode Island, founded a family there, died in 1701 and was buriedthere, Cf. Rev. Isaac E. Springer The Springer Genealogy, Detroit, Michigan 1909 and Stow Collection 16:10 in library of Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania. While there is a clear record of Lawrence Springer there, the earliest entries refer to him as "Lawrance Springhast", and the later Springer references probably simply represent an Anglicization of Springhast. In any event, it is completely clear that Charles' brother Lorentz lived and died in Stockholm and did not found a Springer family in Rhode Island.

1693. Beata, widow of Christopher and mother of Charles, died. Son Jacob brought some unexplained action at law concerning her estate in the court at Mariefred.

1698 July 5. King Carl XII wrote the Governor General of Stockholm ordering him to investigate Charles Springer's inheritance. Charles had written to Sweden to inquire about this. July 16 the Governor General ordered the Mayor and his aldermen to make the investigation.

The fact that the King took a personal interest in die matter attests to the fact that Charles' contributions to the Swedish colony on the Delaware were known at Court and appreciated.

1711. Lorentz Springer's widow owned and occupied the property opposite the church.

1714. Lorentz's second wife died. Her will is missing from the record office.

1729 April 3. The Town Engineer filed a map of the Springer property opposite the church.

Christopher's estate was subject to a complex division as, under then Swedish Law, the children of each marriage had certain rights. Christopher had made a declaration 3 January 1665 that in case of his death his wife should have for life the Wijk farm in Uppland. He made his will 1 March 1668, and was dead by April 1669 when a successor was appointed for the office he had held. The will provided that Beata should enjoy the Stockholm house, the garden and the farms so long as she remained unmarried, and noted that she is especially mentioned in two deeds of gift, and that she had purchased some of the household goods out of her own means; she should keep a gold chain and two bracelets; Elisabet should have her mother's gold chain, received from her late parents; and requests Lorentz to support the will. An agreement was made as to the division of the estate, Lorentz approving the provisions for the widow, but reserving his and Elisabet's rights, and also approving dower for Elisabet and for Beata's eldest daughter at home. The estate included gold jewelry, silver coins, gilded bowls and cups, silver spoons, other metals, books and household material. The accounting was agreed and cleared 12 June 1669.

Källa: Baldwin Maull - Charles Springer's Family in Swedish History [mina understrykningar]
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Jag har kommit i kontakt med en forskare som har en ana som eventuellt skulle kunna härstamma från Lorentz Springer. Den Lorentz som var halvbror till Carl/Charles Springer som hamnade i Delaware (före dennes tid Nya Sverige).

Kan man med hjälp av dna-analys fastslå att Lorenz Springer är en gemensam ana? Efter vad jag har förstått måste man ha två ben att stå på. Kan man göra varsitt dna-prov och göra en matchning utan att ställa ut sitt dna till allmän beskådan och förfogande.
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Länk: Kosmopoliten: Farmors miljonarv
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Sidor kommer och går men det som skrivits består.

Jag hittade det här på Family Search:


Per Erik Andersson (1918-2003) är min far och Per Edvard Andersson (1880-1950) är min farfar. Så långt är det rätt. Men Håkan Andersson (1842-1929) är inte min farfars far. Och Gertrud Dorothea Maria Jönasdotter (1840-1886) är inte min farfars mor.

Som källor anges diverse husförhörslängder. Uppgiftslämnare är 'Scott Moscrip' och 'Wayne A Ross'. Personerna är okända för mig och de ingår definitivt inte i den närmsta släkten.
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Här är min farfars födelsenotis längst ned på sidan:
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